HI Ladies!!! This 2WW is so hard newhooo, I noticed yesterday that I a little of light yellow cm when I wiped. Just a few minutes ago I felt real wet I thought AF had started but I was wrong there is alot of yellow cm TMI sorry.AF is due Friday and I am 12 DPO today and I have been testing with the dollar tree tests and I used a Clear Blue Digital the 5 day sooner one a couple of days ago.

Wet/creamy cm 6-7 Dpo? : Okay ladies I'm talking like truck loads of creamy but wet cm (in panties) anyone get this before a BFP? I may just be grabbing at straws, but def curious! Thx - BabyCenter Canada High cervix. Evening - cm is dry. 8dp3dt - HPT negative. All afternoon - very notisable twitching in left ovary area which lasted for a good hour or so. Very dry cm, cervix high. 9dp3dt - no symptoms at all, dry cm, high cervix. 10dp3dt - Valentines day! Very thirsty. Decided to test - very faint +tive on ASDA own brand (one of the best early ... I posted just a few days before my bfp saying I had went to toilet and got a shock when I found a small pool of white cm, almost runny mayonaissey (lovely haha but that's the only way I can describe it haha) good luck hon, I've been following your journey on your other thread x x