Dec 15, 2015 · chemistry project on preparation of potash alum 1. [Project File ]-2015-2016 Name - TARUN KUMAR RANA ROLL NO - 41 Class -XII –A Submitted To:- Submitted By:- Mam. Mamta Saini Tarun Kumar Rana 2. Certificate This is to certify that this project work is submitted by TARUN KUMAR RANA to the Chemistry department, ST. Literal translation: No asafoetida, no potash alum, yet a lovely color. Used when you are rewarded handsomely for little effort. 15. Kaam ka na kaaj ka, dushman anaaj ka. Literal translation: Doesn’t do any work, is an enemy of grains . Another pejorative – a colorful way of calling out "You good-for-nothing fellow!" 16. Karela Neem Chadha

Alum is used as a mordant in traditional textiles; and in Indonesia and the Philippines, solutions of tawas, salt, borax, and organic pigments were used to change the color of gold ornaments. In the Philippines, alum crystals were also burned and allowed to drip into a basin of water by babaylan (shamans) for divination.