Sep 20, 2014 · Me: *just stares at Solar Flare while she loses her sanity* She’s fine. *Solar Flare suddenly jumps at me and I merely lay on the ground not caring* Yeah she’s fine.

Luigi said that Mario should be in the mansion waiting for him. Fluttershy asked why his brother would wait for him in an old and scary mansion. Luigi told her that he had won the mansion in a contest he didn't even entered and Mario told Luigi that he'll meet up with him inside. He told her that there was no more time to explain. Jan 26, 2014 · Mario turned round at the bed. He was still in his red boxers. Mario never wore any pajamas Either did Luigi yet Luigi had been waiting for Mario to wake up for ages. Luigi tapped his fingers on Mario's bedside clock. "It's only 1 o'clock" Mario murmured at Luigi "Wake me up at 8 am" Luigi rolled his eyes at Mario's sleepiness. "It's 1pm!"