Open the Start screen: Click the Windows button in the lower-left corner of the desktop or press the Windows key. In the Search the Web and Windows box (you find it to the right of the Windows button), type calc (the first four letters of the word calculator). Hello, I am in charge of maintaining a wonderfully quirky project that's been in existence since 2008, and the code-base reflects that. I've just upgraded to Xcode 10, and this project does not build using the "New" build system - it does, however, build using the legacy system.

You can manually add xxhdpi icons for an AIR application using the app-descriptor.xml file. Animate allows you to add xhdpi icons (96x96) icons using the Manage AIR SDK dialog. However, if you wish to add icons of higer resolution, you can manually add them in the app-descriptor.xml file for your AIR application using the following tag: