D. ‘Marriage is the main institution among all institutions of human civilization. In the sixteen sanskars too, emphasis is laid on the sanskar of marriage. Marriage restrains the relationship between a woman and a man. Similarly the social relations of the children born to the couple are decided. Other scholars suggest saptapadi and regionally customary wedding rituals, not consummation, defines legal validity of a Hindu marriage. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, Article 7, is consistent with the latter. Chaturthikarma is not a common practice in Hindu communities.

Aug 21, 2019 · Hindu Marriage as a Contract: Hence such a marriage cannot take place without the performance of sacred rites and ceremony. After the enactment of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1951 Hindu marriage is no longer a sacrament but it is a contract. What Is The Saat Phere Meaning In Hindu Marriage ? Saat Phere Meaning | When it comes to religion, culture, food, education, politics, India is one of those countries who stands in the rank of top 10 best countries in the world and when it comes to Indian marriages, this country is undoubtedly deserves the first position.