Eric Johnson, President of the San Clemente Trap and Skeet Range. Members at the range have been unable to shoot at the range because of a dispute with Camp Pendleton which sits in the background. Camp Pendleton is where I starts the "Grunt Life". During Boot Camp in 1988, after completing the rifle range at Edson Range, we fire the .45 Colt pistol, hiked to San Onofre (SOI). Mount Mother [email protected]$%er is all I need to say. Mess and Maintenance Duty at SOI.

The class textbook and the sample SOP will give you a solid reference for managing a shooting facility, including running a firing line, establishing range safety guidelines and operational procedures, and creating an effective Emergency Plan for any shooting event, activity, or competition. San Clemente Island Range Complex by The San Clemente Island Range Complex (SCIRC) consists of San Clemente Island (SCI) land, air and sea training ranges and designated operational areas to the south and west of SCI which are controlled by a single command and control system on SCI.