Greek rationalism deals with trying to understand the world using logic and observation. While non-Greek contemporaries had similar ideas, Greek philosophy formed the basis for Western rationalism. Greek rationalist philosophy is still taught. Rationalism in architecture pdf Nonetheless both in type and style the architecture of the future. Rationalist, functionalist, and so on rather than what it is. In the pictorial arts.In architecture, rationalism is an architectural current which mostly developed from Italy in the 1920s-1930s. Vitruvius had already established in his

Jun 29, 2010 · This is an interesting theological debate but it is just that: theological. Why does it come up at all in a conversation about the use of the term Theistic Rationalism? I would have to propose because it is a theological and not a historical term. Cengage Sign In -The Early Greek Philosophers - Learning Objectives. After reading and discussing chapter 2 the student should: Be familiar with how early humans explained their world including animism, anthropomorphism, “magic,” and early forms of Greek religion.