Jun 03, 2009 · After installing Win7 RC on Dell Optiplex 960, there are 2 unidentified devices listed in device manager. PCI Serial Port and PCI Simple Communications Controller. Does anyone know which pieces of hardware those actually are? Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation is software that enables remote management programs such as IT Assistant to do the following: l Access information about your computer, such as how many processors it has and what operating system it is running. Dec 11, 2019 · » "I got a brand new Dell computer with a HDD and Windows 10 pre-installed. Since the SSD drive has a better performance than HDD, so I swap the HDD for an SSD before booting the Dell computer. Then I try to do a factory reset with the Windows 10 disc, it informed me that unable to reset your PC, a required drive partition is missing.

Dear Dell Support ! I have a PC DELL 755. When it reboot, it have a notice: " The system management hardware requires a reset.System setup configuration and the date/time require attention after the reset. Strike the F1 key to continue,F2 to run the setup utility Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics ... Mar 13, 2015 · The option to boot from the CD-Rom drive was locked by an admin password. What I show in the video will reset the Admin password which will allow you to re-install a new OS on the computer. This ... Dec 19, 2013 · My client has a fairly nice, new Dell Optiplex 960 small form factor PC that would actually power itself back up after shutting down; I would shut down the machine, it would completely power down, fans stop, everything, and then after about 4 seconds would actually boot itself back up.