Aug 24, 2016 · Azure Active Directory B2C Overview and Policies Management – (Part 1) Secure ASP.NET Web API 2 using Azure AD B2C – (This Post) Integrate Azure Active Directory B2C with ASP.NET MVC Web App (Part 3) Secure Desktop Application using Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) and Azure Active Directory B2C (Part 4) MSAL represents the new generation of Microsoft's authentication libraries, designed to work with Azure AD v2 endpoints, Microsoft Accounts (MSA) and Azure AD B2C. README. Azure AD B2C is a cost effective identity provider covering social and enterprise logins but it can be awekward to integrate with - its documentation is currently not great and using it involves rooting around across multiple samples, the ADAL library, and the MSAL library.

So the main problem with Azure AD B2C is that it’s really not JavaScript friendly at all. In order to implement a decent authentication feature, developers need to hack around the JS library or make unnecessary calls to the Microsoft Graph API. Finally, documentation is really scarce and often contradictory. JavaScript and page layout versions —Add more functionality to all your Azure AD B2C pages with your own custom JavaScript. Identity provider access token passthrough —Send the access token from social identity providers back to the application. Read on for more details and try out these features through the Azure portal. Azure AD B2C custom policies with Azure AD. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.